Nyangani Opiyo


21.07.2018 - Neresheim-Stetten - DE

In mixed weather, we made our way to Neresheim. Under Judge Erwin Deutscher we made a Exc.

23.06.2018 / 24.06.2018 - Munich Daglfing - DE

When we were informed that there will be an exhibition in Munich this year, it was more than clear to us that we will visit them as well. Compared to the other exhibitions this is a "stone's throw" for us.

On the first day we managed a great VG under judge Angela Dohnal. On the second day, the motivation was greater with Flash and we ran under the judge Franz Zimmermann Exc 2 with Res.-Cand. DE. Ch. VDH in the open class.

17.05.2018 – Nuremberg - DE

Marula gave birth today to 11 beautiful puppies, 4 males and 7 females. We wish the little racers only the best and look forward to the visits.

12.05.2018 - Wieselburg - AT

After a great overnight stay in the place of pilgrimage Maria Taferl, with a mighty view of Lower Austria, we reached a Exc 2 with res. CACA in the open class.

07.04.2018 / 08.04.2018 - Montichiari - IT

After our experience in Riva and the great new contacts, we wanted to try our luck again in Italy and went to Montichiari. Here came the peculiarity that apart from the two international exhibitions a special exhibition was provided. Thus, we participated in two days in three exhibitions. After a very stressful weekend we were rewarded with delicious food and the following results in the open class: 1 x Exc, 2 x Exc 1, 2 x CAC, 2 x Res. CACIB.

The Italian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (RRCI) is currently investigating possible heart disease in Ridgeback. As part of this study, of course, we have participated and have Flash examined. Flash was wired and an ECG was created. No irregularities could be detected, which made us very happy.

Many thanks to the RRCI for the pictures of the open class.

20.03.2018 – Nuremberg - DE

We are overjoyed to announce that Flash will be daddy :) On the 20th and 21st of March 2018 he covered the magical Marula by Kennel Nyangani. The cover act was harmonious and instinctive.

24.02.2018 / 25.02.2018 - Riva del Garda - IT

Spontaneously, we decided to visit our first exhibition in Italy. Actually, we found the idea appealing to experience Italy from another side without tourists. At the exhibition, we experienced the Italian way of life up close and were rewarded with terrific successes. On the first day, we enjoyed the Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and the BOB in the open class. For the crowning completion of this as well as already successful day we made it in the main ring under the best five dogs of the group 6.

The success did not lessen and the next day at the national exhibition we also enjoyed the Exc 1, CAC and the BOB.

We were able to meet super nice people and experienced Italy from another but really nice side.

13.01.2018 - Nuremberg - DE

New Year New luck. At the CACIB in Nuremberg we got in a very good and strong open class under judge Rita Sachslehner a Exc with a nice judge report. We are always looking forward to the exhibition in Nuremberg, because it is always like a little family reunion there.

02.12.2017 / 03.12.2017 - Double CACIB Wels - AT

Our last exhibition in 2017 took us to Wels. On both days we got a Exc 2 with res. CACA.

19.08.2017 / 20.08.2017 - Double CACIB Innsbruck - AT

Vladimir Piskay, Exc 1, CACA.

Viera Staviarska, VG.

08.07.2017 - Neresheim-Stetten - DE

Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Exc 1 Cand. DE. Ch. VDH.

18.06.2017 - Schweitenkirchen - DE

Snezka Kuralt, Exc

Nyangani Opiyo


Kennel Nyangani

On 17.05.2018 in Kennel Nyangani 11 puppies were born in Nuremberg, 4 males and 7 females. The puppies come from ancient African bloodlines like Glenaholm, Pronkberg, Pleasantview, Rooderaai.

If you are interested in a puppy from this mating, please contact Silvio Böhmer in time 0170/7309927 or visit www.nyangani.de.